Muskoka Everlasting

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Everlasting dry and preserved blooms in a textured white ceramic vase.

Filled with hydrangea, coco flowers, lunaria, bunny tails, natural palm leaves, pampas grass, ruscus, cotton, agave, and hanging amaranthus.

Approximate arrangement size 95 cm height and 45 cm wide.

* Our arrangements will last up to 5 years (or longer!) Do not place in direct sunlight. Arrangements do not need water or any other maintenance.

* Fading, discolouration and shedding may occur over time. 

* Designs are "one of a kind" and no two designs will be identical. We do our best to replicate them. Expect to see slight variation but the essence will remain the same. 

* Everlasting arrangements can be picked up from our home studio or hand delivered only. No shipping available.